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Alifery is an online legal marketplace for lawyers and others within the legal profession. It’s been designed to connect you with potential clients and to give you the freedom, flexibility and control over your working day. You control when and where you work, for how long and for how much.

You can find out more about how it works here.

The work you could get access to can include the following:

  • Supporting an in house legal team,
  • A company needing legal advice,
  • Ad hoc support for a private practice firm.

Client registered on Alifery are ASX listed and privately held companies, private practice law firms, small to medium businesses and government departments.

It’s always your choice whether to accept a project and there’s no minimum amount of work you have to do.

Our clients could engage you on a range of activities, such as:

Private Phone Discussions

Private conversations over the phone to help the clients with decision making, or to fill in knowledge gaps.

Short and Long Term Placements

Short term or long term projects for an organisation to assist with increased workloads or operational gaps. Projects can vary from 1 day to 12 months.

Training and Professional Development

Conduct training and professional development workshops onsite or offsite, to bring teams up to speed.

Corporate Secretarial

Provide company secretarial services to ensure compliance with the Corporations Act, ASX Listing Rules and other relevant legislation.

Board Placements

Provide organisations with operational and board roles at short notice.


Share your knowledge and expertise to others who need it.

You can create an account with Alifery here.

Please ensure you submit the relevant documents for us to consider your application in further detail.

The documents we will require from you are the following:

  • Current Practicing Certificate
  • Insurance Policies
  • Updated CV

We will also require details of two referees for us to contact to confirm your experience and education.

As a Freelancer, you must have a minimum of 5 years of experience within your area of expertise.  In addition you will need to:

  • Be self-employed and must be an incorporated entity.
  • Hold a Principal Practicing Certificate and have Professional Indemnity Insurance in place.
  • Have an ABN to work within Australia.
  • If required be registered for GST.
  • Keep you to date with continuing professional development.

You are. You’re responsible for renewing this every year. (Hint: your practicing certificate is valid from 1 July to 30 June.)

It’s free to sign up as a Freelancer on Alifery. Actually, we dont charge you ever!

You must have the following insurances in place:

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance (if required only by the client)

If you are a legal professional, in addition to the above you must participate in the Professional Standards Scheme (formerly the limitation of liability scheme) in the state you are currently practicing in.

You will need to agree with the client how often invoices should be raised. Once agreed all invoicing will need to be processed through the Alifery platform.

When the invoice is paid, you receive your fee, less any fees payable to Alifery.

Alifery uses SSL technology to ensure all data is secure and private.

You will work onsite or remotely or a mix between both depending on what you have agreed with the Client.

We recommend this to be agreed at the beginning of the project, but we understand things can change.

Communication is key with the Client.

We’re super happy if you and the Client want to continue working together, however you must let us know if this is the case.

Of course, all additional work must be invoiced through the Alifery platform.

Yes you do. As a Freelancer you’re an independent contractor of Alifery, and you are not and shall not be deemed to be an employee or agent of Alifery or of any Client.

Please see our terms for further information.

You are responsible for letting the client know about any conflicts of interest.

If for any reason you think that by taking on a project there’ll be a conflict of interest (or potential conflict of interest) you must let us or the client know immediately.


Alifery is currently designed for Australian clients and legal professionals with an Australian qualification.

At the end of each project the client will have the option to rate the each freelancer and leave comments based on the work they have completed.  We will monitor all ratings and reviews to ensure we address any concerns with the freelancer.

Yes, clients also get rated.  We will also monitor clients reviews and feedback left by the freelancer as we want to ensure our freelancers are getting access to quality work and clients.

Your profile is visible to all registered clients, however there is the option for you to set your profile to private. Other freelancers cannot see that you are registered on Alifery.

Yes you can.  We would ask that you speak to the client explaining why you can no longer work on the project before closing it.

Once a project has been closed on your end, you will not be able to raise any further invoices for that project.  Please make sure all invoices are raised and sent to the client before closing it.

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