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We have created the platform to make the connection and facilitate all stages of the client-legal freelancer relationship. The client brings their exciting legal project, sets the budget, and our freelancers bring their deep experience and desire to change how work is done in the legal profession.

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Freedom and flexibility in the legal profession

Removing barriers to getting work done well.

Alifery understands that freelancers want to maintain their independence and remain flexible, but still be involved in exciting legal projects that match their interests and skill level.

Alifery also understands businesses regularly have short term projects that require skilled legal professionals to be on call, but don’t want to deal with red tape, unnecessary overheads and budget blowouts.

Ridiculously easy to join

Alifery is designed to be easy to use.

Freelancers, we know your time is precious. Set up your profile in minutes, provide all documents as per the checklist we provide and once approved, you start getting matches. Searching for work is simply a matter of checking your personal dashboard for all upcoming opportunities. (No more networking.)

Clients, you can get legal talent working on your project within days. After signing up and posting your project you immediately start getting matched. (No more scattergun, unsuccessful, time consuming and costly recruitment exercises.)

Did we mention it was free to join?

It’s free to join. Free. To. Join. For. All.

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Matches are made for you

Better than an online dating app, Alifery’s matchmaking team work furiously in the background to match legal projects to the best legal Freelancers. We do the hard work and you watch your personalised Alifery dashboard light up with perfect matches.

Strict vetting processes

You’re working with the best.

Alifery checks out each Freelancer before allowing them to pitch for work to make sure only quality legal talent is in the pool. Any Freelancer who consistently receives poor reviews may be removed from Alifery altogether.

You remain in control

As a Freelancer or Client you get to decide who to partner with from the possible matches.

As a Freelancer, you decide what your time is worth, where you like to work (at home or in the office or on a beach) and how long you’d like to work on a project.

For Clients, Freelancers bid for your work at your set price with no nasty excessive bill surprises at the end of a project. You also decide if the Freelancer works on site with you or not, plus the length of the project.

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