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Alifery is the online platform which connects freelance lawyers with businesses that have a temporary legal need. It’s free to join!

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How It Works

We have created the platform to make the connection and facilitate all stages of the client-legal freelancer relationship. The client brings their exciting legal project, sets the budget, and our freelancers bring their deep experience and desire to change how work is done in the legal profession.

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Alifery for Clients

Access to Skilled Vetted Legal Talent

You’re not going to find a better pool of freelance lawyers. Nor is there an easier way to be matched to the right person for your next project. You then choose your freelancer for your project.

Tailor Work To Meet Business Needs

Outsource work instead of struggling with it in-house. Use on call freelance lawyers to fill operational gaps.

Reduce Overheads

Save money (and your precious time) otherwise spent on long and expensive recruiting exercises. Set your budget before you start and have our freelance lawyers bid for your project.

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Alifery for Freelancers

Interesting Projects

You’re not limited to working on boring projects. With Alifery you’ll get access to challenging and exciting legal work you’ll be proud to add to your portfolio.

Work When & Where You Want

Take on work that suits your personal needs. You can work onsite or remotely (or even a mixture of both) for a period of time that fits in with your lifestyle.

Uncapped Earning Potential

There’s really no limit to what you can earn. Enjoy the benefits of well paid project work where you’re in control of what you get paid for the work you do.

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